Enjoy Technology

Home & Marine develops exclusive individual Technology Designs that exceed highest expectations.

Our experienced staff claims themselves to create the best user experience available. 

We research the best matching speakers and displays for your entertainment. We design a User Interface tailored to your needs. We take care of aesthetics. We implement network and communication infrastructures. We secure your system. Many disciples combined to deliver one goal. 

Ultimate customer satisfaction.

Enjoy the process

A superyacht new-build or refit can be a challenging and complex process. We understand the unique dynamics involved and we understand ourselves as your partner on the way. 

Due to the close cooperation with all parties we make sure that our systems seamlessly blends in to the atmosphere of the boat.


Technological innovations are moving fast. Due to our long history, we are used to learn fast and adapt the latest technologies.

Our system architectures are designed with the upcoming technologies in mind and will be a reliable, performing platform for years to come.


Home & Marine is committed to the highest quality standards in the market. We work closely with Shipyards, Owners and Manufacturers to ensure all expectations are met.

Each system is build under an „Open Door Policy“ in our fabrication center in Uplengen. Clients are welcome 24/7 to review the current build status of their system.

On larger projects, clients can have their own office space in our workshop for a complete transparent process.


Support & Service

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